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The challenge of balancing the responsibilities of a parent and an adult combined with your child’s virtual school year can be a lot. For many, it is proving to be a full time job. As the school year comes around the corner, several schools have required that students undergo virtual learning to ensure safety. Monart is here to help you facilitate your child’s educational progress and success. We are hosting Learning Pods at both our Bellaire and Pearland locations to provide your child with a safe, socially distances, and monitored learning atmosphere.


Our Learning pods have a capacity of six students per classroom; each child receives their own table, computer, and supplies. Our scheduled is catered to our student’s school schedule; we will be opening our doors as early as 7:00 am and will stay open until 4:00 pm.


Each Learning Pod has a dedicated teacher that will make sure your child signs into their class on time and completes their courses. We will make sure that all of your school requirements are fulfilled, we want to give you that ability to go to work without worrying about what your child is doing during the school day. Our goal is synchronous learning.


Monart Learning Pods cost $280 per week or $200 for three days a week. This price includes all the materials necessary for synchronous learning, a hot lunch, monitored supervision, and a safe, socially distanced space for your child. If you are interested in being apart of our Learning Pods, send us an email at info@houstonmonart.com!

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